let's grow together
"let's grow together". PNP Infotech believes in providing the best services to its clients. Here the quality of the product matters not the quantity. We bring out the best quality product by the proper utilization of time and available resources.
Quality Assurance and Testing
PNP Infotech quality assurance makes sure that the project will be completed based on the previously agreed specifications, standards and functionality required without defects and possible problems.

We developed our services for companies wishing to outsource all or a portion of their software quality activities so they may gain testing efficiencies and reduce administrative burdens associated with in-house QA teams.

PNP Infotech can successfully augment existing QA teams with additional knowledge and experience in the QA process. As a result of our project participation, we can provide external viewpoints and we can suggest effective ways of meeting a project's goals and deadlines. We have proven it by solving the most challenging software quality problems in a very cost effective manner. We provide Test Planning/Test Engineering, Functionality Testing (Manual), Stress, Performance, Scalability Testing and Compatibility Testing.
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