let's grow together
"let's grow together". PNP Infotech believes in providing the best services to its clients. Here the quality of the product matters not the quantity. We bring out the best quality product by the proper utilization of time and available resources.
Software Development
Product Development
PNP Infotech offer full product lifecycle services, from architecture, design, development and integration to implementation and support. Our engineering teams engaged in software development in India have extensive experience in both open source (including Java and PHP development) and proprietary (including Microsoft .NET and Data Warehouse) platforms.
Custom Software Development
PNP Infotech is a custom software development company in India. Our project management strategy encompasses a number of steps ranging from product idea to customizing software solutions as per the preference of the customer.
Website Development
PNP Infotech is equipped with the armory of its highly advanced technologies specially tailored for website development services. We provide professional website development services to all the major countries of the world.
Web Solutions
PNP Infotech develop high-performance Web solutions for our clients, the hottest and most happening applications on the web today.
We design and develop sites, marketing and Ajax-powered solutions our rich repertoire includes all kinds of highly effective and user-centric solutions.
Database Applications
PNP Infotech has experience of creating database applications, setting up and using different databases, from small and fast MySQL; used for small projects, to huge and efficient Oracle and SQL Server database servers with complex structure. We have a team with strong database management background and PL SQL programming experience. With a varied experience in SQL Server Solutions, Oracle Solutions, as Database Consultants and in particular as SQL Server and Oracle Consultants.
Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Solutions
Business decisions are only as good as the information on which they are based. Our Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing Solutions practice ensures the availability of business-critical information. It also opens the door to competitive advantage and a host of other benefits, allowing companies to substantially enhance bottom-line profitability. PNP Infotech has helped numerous enterprises address the challenge of unlocking the enterprise data resources that enable insight into competition, market dynamics, customers, products and operations.
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